Lost in the tropical rain forest of the southern pacific coast of Costa Rica,

In a place where the road ends and the wild deserted beaches extend into Panama

We find Pavones

Just walking out from the surf-spot you can find yourself alone, contemplating the sound of the ocean or the Lapas flying by with their beautiful colors

In the background, coconut trees, wild almonds and Noni plants (yes the powerful medicinal and disgusting fruit).

Sun shines most of the year and to keep yourself chilled you can jump in the clear waters of the Rio Claro, which meanders its way down the mountains, from the indigenous reserve high above. Pavones is surrounded by jungle and its water is always fresh. You can also climb up trough the river bed for hours.. quite a trip!

The perfect place to rinse off the salty water after swimming or surfing.

A couple of small restaurants and the pulperia (like a mini courtesy shop) are close by, and 3 bigger markets are less then a 10 min walk away.

Caza Olas is located in the background, 200 mts. away from the river and about 350 mts from the legendary surf spot.

You can walk to the wave in less than 5 minutes, very convenient if you want just forget about the car and relax.

We also provide a parking lot for our guests!