Paradise lost

Lost in the tropical rainforest of the southern pacific coast of Costa Rica, in a place where the road ends and the wild deserted beaches extend into Panama, we find Pavones. 

Playa Pavones is a long stretched out gray sand beach surrounded by dense jungle and huge coconut trees. At low tide, the southern edge of the beach at Pavones Point offers stunning rock formations with small ponds that you can wade in. Because of the tropical climate, the sun shines most of the year. Therefore, the Rio Claro, a cold river that meanders down from the mountain's, is perfect for keeping yourself chilled and rinsing off the salty water after swimming or surfing. The village of Pavones has a couple of small local restaurants and supermarkets, all within walking distance from the hostel. 

Caza Olas is located just 200 meters away from the river and about 350 meters from the legendary surf spot. You can walk to all of the restaurants and shops within 5 minutes. 


To Explore

In Pavones, most visitors are here to surf and chill afterwards, which gives the town a laid-back, relaxed environment. It is an excellent place to gather with new and old friends, cook, drink, or have a bonfire on the beach. However, there are many more adventures to discover here. The area is perfect for a canopy tour or a trail along waterfalls. You can climb up through the river bed and tube down the river for hours. There is also the option to ride horses along the beach or into the rainforest.

Moreover, the beautiful and rich coastline allows for sport fishing. There is the possibility to go on a snorkeling tour which often leads to whale and dolphin watching. Aso, you can drive into the jungle on a rented ATV, Motocross or Enduro.

But in the end, what you will really take back home with you, apart from the beautiful memories, will probably be the deep inner connection with the surrounding nature and its rhythm. And of course, the most beautiful sunsets viewed from ""the wall"" are something that can never be forgotten.